rule of thirds

Today is this blog’s 3rd birthday!

The bees say thank you to everyone who has read and looked and walked around. You’ve made my corner of the web travel farther than I had first imagined it to go. Cheers!

sunny mix

Went driving around a couple of New Jersey towns yesterday with my cousin in between running errands. He took us to Michael’s to get some paint because I left my stash in Manila and I need to work on some studies. I saw so many interesting art supplies over there that I wish we all had back home haha. Mini stretched canvases, blank art trading cards, cardboard suitcases. Le sigh! Can’t wait to go to a bigger art supplies store.

My cousin’s getting married tomorrow! We are all excited and on our toes.

I have to write a proper, more eloquently put entry soon! I am still kind of in a daze now with everything that’s happening.



Hello! I am currently on vacation :) Just landed several hours ago and when I thought I could battle sleepiness so I could restart my body clock, I fell into a 5-hour nap haha. It’s cold outside! From Manila’s 33 degrees to Somerset, NJ’s 1 degree. But being with family is always comforting and I am happy to be here. :)

summer shower

HELLO ALL. First of all, welcome to the awkward in-between state of this blog. I’m taking my time with figuring out the new design. Obviously! But anyway.

I am quite surprised and very thankful for how good 2013 is treating me so far. Let us count the ways.

I made this month’s YStyle logo

I thought they only published the interview online! Nahiya ako bigla haha.
But do check out my touristy face and the whole interview on the YStyle page.

Here is the original artwork in gouache and pencils.

I got carried away with the small details knowing they won’t register properly on newsprint.

I made another one mainly because I wanted to try out my new art supply treat: Derwent Ink Blocks! Here is a more colorful and season-appropriate logo, heh.

I therefore conclude that I love the ink blocks so very much! I like how vivid the colors dry out no matter how watered down they are. I also love the color accidents produced when layering colors.

I also have the spot for this week’s Ang INK Corner in Manila Bulletin. It’s a groggy froggy!

In other non-newspaper related news, I am also working on my first children’s book ever. It has me on my toes every time but I’m learning a lot along the way (mostly with time management and nap time control). It’s cliche and probably an understatement to say that it’s fun but I’m going to say it anyway. It’s fun! I would also like say that it’s fulfilling but that would be counting the chickens before the eggs hatch.

Other places I have been to besides the office and locked up in my room include Calatagan, Batangas. Studio Dialogo and Rubbertree had a little field trip to the Enrique Zobel Museum for its inauguration.

Roxas-De Ayala-Zobel family tree by Studio Dialogo

And the wooden cut-out map of Calatagan by Rubbertree

What a prolific man!

Merienda afterwards was at the beautiful Hacienda Bigaa. I love how the driveway was lined with neatly trimmed bougainvilla shrubs.

Obligatory bathroom shot because it was pretty. Also I wanted to show you that I am the kind of girl who refuses to listen to her body telling her she’s sick, and wears a turtleneck in summer just so she could go on the trip haha.

Also obligatory, picture of pretty food. Breakfast for dinner at Breakfast at Antonio’s on the way home. Smoked New Zealand King Chinook on whole wheat bread~

So there! That is where I have been. As for more adventures, I am leaving for Somewhere Very Far, Very Soon. A vacation, hooray! I’m not ready for it just yet so I don’t want to talk about it extensively haha. Right now I’m still anxious about organizing the work I may have to bring along but I am looking forward to the hour that the anxiety turns into excitement and utter joy.

Do you have any book and/or music recommendations for long trips and lots of waiting at airports? :)

be right back

I’m still here. Around.

I’m still in the process of moving this blog to this corner of the web. I have exactly a month, mostly because my premium subscription expires in…exactly a month haha. And then there’s the matter of work. I am really grateful for all the projects I have lined up this early on in the year, and I am doing my best to discipline myself and handle everything efficiently.

On a more personal note, all these things that need to be done are keeping my girly emotional surges at bay haha. Dead, idle time makes my head wander a lot and it’s been rough getting back on track. For the past few months I’ve been keeping myself knee-deep in imaginary bog and I haven’t had any motivation to work on even small personal projects. I did a bit of backreading a few days ago and saw old drawings and shenanigans, and realized how unproductive I’ve grown already, ugh. SO! If I owe you something, I sincerely apologize. I assure you that I am inching my way to finishing it somehow.

I am better now, I think, and I am slowly gaining my momentum. I just need to get a grip and focus.