landlocked dreams

And maybe I could wash clean
Yeah maybe I could believe

Took a while to get my perspective back on track but I think this morning I woke up and felt that I’ve finally made it back here in my happy place. God has been all sorts of awesome, and though I don’t think things around me really changed, it’s amazing how seeing things in the light of grace, not luck or chance or coincidence, brings so much peace and quiet.


Making slides for a little talk I’m giving this coming weekend at my alma mater, along with other alumni. Honestly it’s the first time I’m kind of? Not scared of facing students and talking about what I do because now I feel like I actually have something to talk about already. My fear of giving talks in schools is probably a direct reflection of how suspicious I was as a student haha.

Also, as you can see, I spent more than enough effort on the greeting slide. 8D