break time


On a bit of a hiatus from daily posting. I still work on my daily jeepney ladies but I don’t have the time to upload them every day. I’ll be uploading them weekly instead.
Here is a sketch from the other day’s brownout. Also tested out a tube of Nicker gouache in Rose Grey that I got from Art Whale a few weekends ago. Pretty good stuff! I want more colors.

Life After Breakfast Watercolor Swap

A few weeks ago, I attended Life After Breakfast‘s Watercolor Swap, and I honestly wasn’t prepared for how fun the afternoon was! Haha. Because you know, being the not-so-secret fangirl that I am, of course I was giddy the whole afternoon because Pipino was filled with all these talented ladies. Shown above were my tablemates Jamie, Anina, Macy, Angel, and Mansy.

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