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First of all, thanks to everyone who joined us at Art in the Park yesterday! I promise myself every year that I’ll be more prepared than the last, and stay relaxed and fresh the whole day, but so far this plan hasn’t pushed through just yet haha. I don’t even have photos to prove I was there. But really, thank you to everyone who came out to support your local artists, even though you didn’t buy anything, your presence and appreciation is priceless.

It’s on a different level of feel-good when you see others take part in your work and appreciate them. It was also rather inspiring to see friends bring out their best personal works out. As illustrators, most if not all our work are for clients, so events like these are always refreshing because they create a venue for us to showcase and share the personal stuff.

Another thing I got around to think about because of AIP week was that most of the work I did the past year were work I didn’t want to sell at all. My bunny from Type Kita, my painting from the Bloom Arts Festival, this new drawing. I need the money, sure, but I guess I’m thankful? That I’m not extra broke or anything to be driven to sell the work I really like. Talking about selling art and drawings and paintings makes some people queasy, but on the other side of self-expression and being romantic, it can’t be denied that it’s also very much a livelihood, at least for some of us.

I mentioned earlier that March is always a tricky month every year, and this one’s no different. In fact it’s one of the most hectic Marchs that I’ve had during the past few years. No complains because I secretly like hustling everyday anyway. I still have a couple of projects due this month, but here’s a peek of a couple I recently wrapped up.


They’re both children’s book projects! But of different kinds. One is about the Pahiyas festival of Quezon, and the other one features an imaginary neighborhood. I’ll share more about them once they’re out.

I am also excited to share with you how my Hong Kong mini-adventure went! Ok, I didn’t get to take a ton of pictures like I usually do when I am on vacation. I have no regrets though because A) my camera is really heavy to lug around everywhere and B) I tried to be “in the moment” every moment and just take in everything without worrying about gadgets or photos or anything else. I also went alone, and had to be alert all the time. Highlights include visiting Yoshitomo Nara’s first major solo exhibit in Hong Kong, which made me want to cry tears of joy and beauty, Art Basel which I admit overwhelmed me a bit haha, and Kam Wah Cafe’s french toast, which I paired almost everyday with iced Horlicks.

But for now, we’re back to the daily grind~

Art in the Park 2015


The annual Art in the Park is tomorrow already! I can’t believe it but here we are again.

I will be at the Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan booth as usual, and we will be near the food stalls, across Coffee Bean. I will have some paintings and drawings for sale, plus prints, postcards, and other paper goods and novelty items.

Also this year, Speculiars and Resurrection Furniture collaborated on some pieces, so do drop by the Resurrection booth as well! I worked on a couple of cabinet doors and turned them into something new.

On a completely different note, I just got back from my solo vacation! I went to Hong Kong, and lost and found myself in more ways than one. More on that later.

So, I shall see you all at Art in the Park!

excuse me where am I

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.11.38 PM

Things of this week:

1. “Girls”
2.  All the other things, including chocolate and caffeine apparently induce migraine what.

Just thinking about all the things that March entails is making me excited and anxious and then excited again. March is always a tricky month EVERY YEAR!

Here’s a work-in-progress of something I’m working on at the moment. Who are the un-people in your neighborhood?


Cheers, bye for now until I catch up with March!