an open window

Hello all! I’m still selling some prints and some paintings as a little fundraiser for the illustration internship I got into at the Cornell University, where my main project will be making materials for the conservation campaign of the Philippine Eagle.

Proceeds will surely help with visa fees and will be for the things I need to settle in once I get there. A little goes a long way! : ) Thank you so much for the support!

Find my artworks at tinyurl.com/FranAlvarezPrints and tinyurl.com/FranAlvarezPaintings

For inquiries and purchases, please send a message on facebook.com/FranAlvarezPH, or email hello@francesalvarez.com

Big love and even bigger pizzas,

quiet tree


I’ve been experimenting with new ways to paint, and combining the materials I like to work with like watercolor and stamps.

Things are also falling into place day by day. Rolling my sleeves up for the rest of the year.

break time


On a bit of a hiatus from daily posting. I still work on my daily jeepney ladies but I don’t have the time to upload them every day. I’ll be uploading them weekly instead.
Here is a sketch from the other day’s brownout. Also tested out a tube of Nicker gouache in Rose Grey that I got from Art Whale a few weekends ago. Pretty good stuff! I want more colors.

Life After Breakfast Watercolor Swap

A few weeks ago, I attended Life After Breakfast‘s Watercolor Swap, and I honestly wasn’t prepared for how fun the afternoon was! Haha. Because you know, being the not-so-secret fangirl that I am, of course I was giddy the whole afternoon because Pipino was filled with all these talented ladies. Shown above were my tablemates Jamie, Anina, Macy, Angel, and Mansy.

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