catching up


Et voila.


I am also learning how to make stamps! For starters, I’m carving rubber erasers.

What I made tonight! : )
(The erasers I bought had tourist landmarks printed at the back, eheh.)

I want to get proper linoleum cutters, though, so I can get the edges properly and cut rounded shapes better. I can’t wait to work on bigger stamps, too!

Also, here are some pictures of my recent Davao-Cagayan de Oro-Bukidnon trip (in the beautiful Republic of the Philippines, that’s right). Click for bigger views.

I attended a natural farming tech training.

And ate organic lechon (roast pig)!!!
It’s considerably less greasy than conventionally-grown pigs; you barely need soap to wash the oil off your hands after eating.

pineapple fields in Bukidnon

To those who haven’t gone to Mindanao, I will take this moment to tell you that you are missing out on a lot! Like tons of pomelos and fresh air and white water rafting, among others. Go go go~

In other news, 11 days until Christmas! : )


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