old and new

Rummaged through some of my Old Piles of Things, and found some interesting ephemera.

1. A couple of my friends and I formed a band when we were in highschool. This note is from Cata, when we were just fantasizing about the idea. My favorite sentence is “What are your favorite bands?”.


2. my first year, first sem college schedule. I used to enjoy long breaks, until I got a sem where I had a 6-hour one and I hated it so much.


3. ooold drawings. After I found these it dawned upon me that I don’t know where a lot of my old sketchbooks are.


4. a 5-year old greeting card from my friend Iris! Incubus came over and I heard they played a good show and I wasn’t able to go because my parents won’t let me! Because it was on a school night, if I remember correctly. But mainly, “this is it”, so :p Eheh.

I do keep a ton of old paper  items: college tuition receipts, class readings, notes passed during class, letters about people we don’t like written in CODE (haha), invitations, greeting cards from since I was in 1st grade. I also have a brochure collection of sorts! From airports, museums, theme parks, juice stands. Maybe I’ll share them later on. Point is I really like paper!

And hot chocolate. Because I woke up early this morning, with everyone else still asleep, to find the last spoonfuls of hot chocolate in the house. Just enough to make one last mug for myself. I’m curious to see how this day pans out in accordance to this quiet morning surprise.

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