good and kind weekend

Saturday I stayed home 95% of the day, mostly coming up with ideas for a study due this coming week, and general mulling about the house because it’s been a while since I stayed home for the whole day. It was punctuated by a good college basketball game on TV (Ateneo VS La Salle. Ateneo won! Good, eventful game! :p) and a movie with a couple of good friends afterwards.

Other things:

books I got today
They were on sale! 99 pesos (around $2.30) each!

I ruined the duck I was trying to paint.

and my illustration for Saturday the 16th’s Ang InK corner on Manila Bulletin : )
First published work hooray!

Here it is. Click for a bigger view.
The lipsticks are dedicated to Kim of Gunk Fury!
And visit Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan’s site HERE : )

: )

Other other things in my life right now:
-currently reading the Sedaris book above. Humor is subtle, almost dry, but HILARIOUS. Started it before boarding the train at Recto, was at chapter 4 when I got off at Santolan. Reading a bit more later before passing out.

-regular church attendance and some prelim involvement of sorts with a particular design team there, because  I think it’s necessary for me at least, and refreshing and therapeutic and I figured it’s one of the best kinds of “giving back” I can do with all the favor and good vibes I’ve been getting from the heavens , especially this year. I’m no saint but a big chunk of my general life process involves God (mostly asking a lot of questions and saying sorry for being one of the more clumsy girls he made).

(Also, whenever I see trees I am reminded of God and good design. A TREE. IMAGINE.)

-I’ve been daydreaming about having 20/20 vision HAHA. As triggered by some pictures of the Tubbataha reef from last week. I want to get a diver’s license someday and  see the reef for myself! I’ve tried diving twice already and to say it’s a great experience would be a great understatement.

Monday shuffle tomorrow. Here’s to the coming week! : )

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