time travel

My oldest aunt from my mother’s side of the family is so beautiful. She’s 65 now and I love how gracefully she’s aged. She used to be a public school teacher, and she’s one of the most dedicated ones I know. She’s been teaching all her life, in provinces, in Manila, at home. My sister and I grew up under her care along with several other cousins whose parents worked abroad like mine, and we all call my her ‘Mama’, even up to now.

Tonight while rummaging around the house I found a whole photo album filled with pictures of her during her teaching days. I suddenly missed her a lot even though I just had dinner with her tonight and even though I see her everyday. She looked so happy, and seeing her like that in her glory days made my night. I also made a mental note to dress more like her when she was young. As for reference, I know she still has all her old clothes and uniforms somewhere in the house (another find because of my rummaging. The adults don’t know that I find their old things hehe).

: )

AND while we are on the note of time travel, I found this while cleaning up some folders on my computer. Click for a better view.

We used to have picnics in UP Diliman during our first year in college (even though none of us went to school there, at least not yet). Complete with the blankets and potluck (May nagdala ng buong cake o!) and music and videotaping each other. The one above was with Cata, Kim, Iris, Paula, Pia and Jayson. Except for Jayson, we were all 18, and now that I think about it it feels so long ago even though it’s not at all! Nakakamiss.

Did a bit of drawing tonight, with Reese and Vica on loop!
Click for better views.

And the wooden t-rex! Who hasn’t evolved yet so is still some kind of a serpent now.


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