September says hello back.

My cousin and I found an interesting butterfly in the house tonight! Can anyone help us with identifying what kind it is? :)

And an update on my watercolor endeavors.
JeanAuguste Dominique Ingres’ ‘The Bather’, about 75% done.

 Although mine is chubby and has swollen legs.
And the drapery is ruined beyond repair.

(Also please forgive me for using the wrong kind of tape.)

3 thoughts on “September says hello back.

  1. Fran, I have pictures of the same kind of insect from years back! Nahiwagaan din ako kaya pinicturan ko sya ng marami! Unfortunately, I also haven’t figured out yet what it is…


    1. Baka siya rin ito! Hehe. Ang ganda niya! Ang misteryo lang ay kung paano siya nakapasok sa bahay. Balitaan tayong dalawa ‘pag may naka-figure out na kung ano siya :)


  2. Haha! Medyo kakaiba nga yun, ako kasi sa labas ko naman sya nakita. Pag nahalungkat ko yung pics ipo-post ko din. Parang medyo camera-ready nga rin sya eh, kasi kahit sobrang lapit ko na hindi man natitinag. Tulog siguro? :D


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