During last week’s typhoon. Sparrow on my window’s ledge taking a break from battling it out with the wind.

new acquisitions! Back issues of a bunch of magazines (Nylon, Bust, Paper, Juxtapoz)

The Jack Tales, as in that same guy from Jack and the Beanstalk. I never thought they made a whole bunch of other stories about him.

!!! Best new find! I love it. Illustrated by the golden duo Olga and Andrej Dugina!

Also! Last month I had my birthday, and only got around to posting about some of the nifty presents I got from friends now! Woot!

from InK friends! Thanks Gigi and Pergy and everyone! :D

from Studio Dialogo, where I’m working now! It came with a Devil’s Food Cake from Chocolate Kiss <3

Inside was this! Yey :) bromate-free totebag

aaand the best birthday card ever!

HAHAHA. Summer in Semptember, y’all.

AND! A couple of friends by Aldy!

IT’S A TINY DUCK! I keep it on one of the paper ships I’ve made before.

This fellow is a chubby cake ninja! Classic Aldy.

There’s still one more I’ve been meaning to show you. It’s this one but I want to take a better photo of it for here! :D An F, made by my friend Mike Parker!

You all are awesooooome! Thank you all!

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