Weekend woes

I’ve been working on a couple of pieces for some InK exhibits and I’m taking this little pocket of time in the very busy scheme of things to step back and do some assessment. And damage control? I realized that I’ve been finding it extra challenging to work on pieces that are for work and shows, or generally pieces for submission. I can’t seem to come up with work I really like! I like my sketches and doodles more than the final product I come up with.

I’ve listed a few factors that I think could be bugging me.
1. pressure, time
2. pressure, projected audience. I think it gets to me whenever I think about how other people will perceive my work. Will they like it? Will they get it? It’s my design background having a duel with art.
3.  over-thinking and indecisiveness. Is this the best idea I can think of for this project? Is this the best way to execute it? Change change change until I end up in square zero again. This happens to me often.
4.  physical capability to work. Sometimes my only available free time to draw or work on the pieces coincide with the time that my body wants to go to bed already.

I’m curious about how you guys deal with this if it happens to you, or if you have advice or stories about it.  I’d love to hear from you! : )


(from all the work I’ve been doing for the upcoming exhibits)

  • Being organized from the beginning goes a long, long way. Usually I start with a tidy room and end up with everything on the bed and on the floor. Then as the hours go by, I start misplacing art materials, forgetting to put that cap of the glue back on, deal with the hassle of cleaning hardened brushes, etc. I have to start being more disciplined with how I work, especially because I find that I perform much better with a tidier room than with everything in a riot.
  • Don’t take your cutter for granted and settle for less than ideal blade sharpness! I just bought new blades for my X-Acto and I’m able to work faster and more efficiently. I don’t have to spend time being super paranoid with cutting my materials the wrong way just because the blade isn’t sharp enough. And new blades don’t even cost a lot! I got a 2-pc pack for PHP 37.50 at National.
  •  Know your body clock, and then know how to get around it. Helps a big deal with time management. Nap if you need to. I don’t like napping because I almost always don’t wake up to work again haha. I suggest asking someone to give you a wake up call until you get used to waking yourself up.
  •  Work hard on creating good, strong studies so you won’t waste time on unnecessary “experimentations” when producing the final piece. And then stick to the study! You didn’t make it just so you can ditch it in the middle of working. This is something I have to do! Haha. I most recently screwed up a piece because I veered a bit too far away from my study, which I really liked and thought was a good idea! So much time and resources wasted. Impulsive change of plans may sometimes work (as with Eureka moments) but developing some discipline with working on a set study is also very important.
  • Take care of your health and eat properly! It’s hard to come up with good work when you’re out of shape and uncomfortable.
  •  Get all the help you can, and ask for all the help that you need. :) Ask questions! Lose the fear of not airing out the questions you think are stupid. Any question is a search for something that’ll add up to yourself and your skill!
These are from the top of my head. I’ll post more as soon as I encounter new ones! :)
In the meantime, I’m passing out! Good night everyone.

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