Hello 4-day weekend! : ) Started mine with some room cleaning and an accident involving an X-Acto with a new blade.

Some Things I Like!

  1. Momiji script liner #0
    Perfect for painting tiny details and outlines!
    Bought from Deovir (SM North EDSA)
  2. Koh-I-Noor graphite stick 2B
    Convenient tool! Drawing + shading – hassle of sharpening often
    Bought from Deovir (SM North EDSA)
  3. Shenqiang clear all-purpose glue
    As recommended by Liza :) Not messy, and semi-dries into tack! Results are sturdy, too. I used this for my boats.
    Bought from National Bookstore, scrapbooking section
  4. Cake origami
    from Aldy!
  5. Peterson’s First Guide to Wildflowers
    It has a comprehensive index of flowers with descriptions and illustrations! Very useful reference book.
    Bought from Booksale
  6. Pictorial Webster’s Flora and Fauna Stamp Set
    Probably my best Booksale find ever! This has been on my wishlist on Book Depository since forever, and I threw a little mental party when I saw it in Booksale. At only 65php (that’s a little over a dollar!), SUPER BARGAIN!

now reading

Ice Cream: The Delicious History by Marilyn Powell
Can’t read this without wanting some  (aka a whole pint) ice cream myself!

Hector and the Secrets of Love by Francois Lelord
One of the best books about love that I’ve read. Honest and no cheese or gimmicks. It has a section on oxytocin and dopamine! #nerd

And some sketchbook pages! Click for bigger views.

Will be spending the rest of the extended weekend cleaning my room and working. It doesn’t sound appealing or enjoyable, but that really is exactly what I want to do haha! Enjoy your own weekends! : )


6 thoughts on “home”

  1. Saya, daming pamili! About your tweet, yes it is true: apply pressure to stop bleeding. I guess I learned it the hard way when I accidentally hit my finger with a chisel when I was a kid. Buti na lang di naputol daliri ko.


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