Filibata Art Walk 2011

HELLO YOU ALL! :) After all the past weeks’ exhibits is, guess what? Another one! :D

I’m part of a group show called Filibata Art Walk 2011, a tie-up of Netherlands-based NGO Filibata and Philippine-based charity org Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres. 

curated by Jason Moss

opens Dec 8 (tomorrow already!), 6 PM
Sining Kamalig (top floor, Gateway, Cubao)

RSVP via Facebook HERE

Children from impoverished areas have often been portrayed in media and by well-meaning organisations in a negative light. Seldom do we see them depicted in a manner that uplifts their dignity and shows them as normal, resilient children.

This exhibit sponsored by NGO Filibata and Sining Kamalig art gallery attempts to break preconceived notions about those children who hail from one of the poorest areas in Metro Manila by mustering a volunteer group of amateur and professional photographers to document these children at play.

All of these artists, photographers and illustrators, further endeavoured to present that despite the dire and destitute environment that these children are exposed to every day, the look on their faces and actions reveal a different story.

This is their story….

In keeping with Juliette Kwee’s continued efforts in helping Manila’s Urban Poor, Juliette launched the FILIBATA Photowalk in early 2011 in collaboration with Netherlands-based NGO Filibata, and Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres, a Philippine-based charity organization. 21 photographers were invited and assigned the pleasant task of capturing children at play in Tondo, Manila. Afterwards, the INK artist group – through the leadership of celebrated local artist Jason Moss – was invited to interepret the selected photos through their own artwork. Artbeat Manila in collaboration with California-based graphic designer Anderson Gin graciously contributed to the project by designing a beautiful set of postcards – to not only raise funds but to serve as keepsakes of the project.

The 2011 FILIBATA ARTWALK EXHIBIT scheduled for December 8 6pm at Sining Kamalig art gallery, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City showcases the entire collection of photos and works of art, curated by Jason Moss. The postcards will be available all throughout.

A special day has been arranged for the participating children and their parents December 10 at Sining Kamalig. New clothes have been generously donated by Wings of Support. Haircuts will be provided courtesy of salon stylist Marvin Garcia. Sining Kamalig will be conducting a special Art Workshop for the children. After lunch, a meet-and-greet will be arranged between the photographers, the artists and the children.

Thumbs up! I think it’s a good exhibit to top off my little art spree. This year has been good to me and I’m thankful!

I shall see you tomorrow, OK? :)

In other news, my computer ate up a big chunk of Very Important Files so I’m going to spend the night (quite desperately) looking for all of them. I can’t even. … !!! I want to hurl things at my computer but I will hug it instead.

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