kung hey hey hey

Holiday Monday, thanks to the Chinese! I’m not Chinese at all so the past few days have NOT involved any lauriat nor dragons. The closest I can get to celebrating was having excessive amounts of siomai soup for dinner last Friday night. I am a firm believer that mami is a significant Chinese influence on Filipino culture okay! So again thanks to the Chinese for the holiday and the noodles.

This is what I’ve been up to instead.

current WIP : ) (temporarily) white rabbits, and the alphabet

currently reading: Why We Broke Up
written by Daniel Handler, illustrated by Maira Kalman (!!!)

currently running is ‘Pulp Fiction’ at Art Informal, which I’m part of
Here’s one of my pieces in a series I made called Upper Rooms.

Photo is from the Art Informal website, where you can view the rest of my work, along with all the pieces in the exhibit.

5 thoughts on “kung hey hey hey”

  1. I’ve been going around and asking people this, I thought I’d ask you too! Who else would you consider prominent leaders in the visual communications industry besides Milton Glaser, David Carson, etc? Thank you :)


    1. Paula Scher is a personal favorite. I’ve always loved how her works are always at their most human with the whole dynamic that her images, typography, and illustration have, and how remarkably crafted they are too, like her maps. I think this constant and conscious effort to make the designs work and appeal to people, and in effect make them watch eat/listen/buy/do/ or at the very least, react to something is what I like most about her work in terms of visual communication.


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