the adventures of

So! It was Abi‘s birthday last Sunday and we had an unsurprise celebration at the office yesterday.

This is Studio Dialogo! 8D
Where it is delightfully and perpetually on party mode; the buntings are there, birthday or no birthday.

pictures of people taking pictures!
Liza, Abi, and Rommel
 with some Sara Fanelli!
Sometimes we think, sometimes we birthday!

Red Velvet cake from Pastry Passion! Omnomnom.

And since she loves Tintin, I thought I’d attempt to make Tintin-themed decor!
I was planning to stick these on her desk but I didn’t finish them on time (contributing to the general unsurprise huhu) and they ended up being instant window decals instead.

: )

On to the next birthday! Pero matagal pa haha.

Also, I have recently been gifted an iPhone 4S, and I have since been using and abusing Instagram! As you may have noticed. But even without effects, Apple, here’s a high five ten fifteen and twenty for the iPhone.

AND SO! Since this recent acquisition, I am now able to indulge myself in taking pictures of the yumminess I encounter in every mealtime, so I made some sort of a food blog. Check it out if you wanna: Dish Girl Spoon


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