PBBY-Alcala 2012

The winners of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People’s Alcala Prize were announced last week! This year’s story was Russel Molina’s ‘Ano’ng Gupit Natin Ngayon?’, which is about a boy, his dad who’s a barber, and his whimsical musings on hair; the story is also this year’s PBBY Salanga prize winner. I thought I’d share the winning illustrations with you! :) (Images from the PBBY site)

Grand prize: Hubert Fucio

This is my favorite from the three pieces he made, mostly because of the sheep.
And look at that dog, sarap ng tulog o!

Honorable mention: Domz Agsaway
I really like the colors on Domz’ pieces; I think they serve the story very well. I also like that he grew another head out of his hair (upper right piece), and that there is a dog with a pot on his head.

Honorable mention: Aldy Aguirre
Piece on the left is my favorite! And that sparrow with a balloon waiting in line to get a haircut.

Honorable mention: Jonathan Ranola
Punk papercut cat right there! What’s with the animals in everyone’s entries haha.

Congratulations all around! Also, a bit of trivia: they’re all members of Ang INK! :D

On this note, another bit of trivia is I gave the competition a shot myself. It’s my first time to join the PBBY Alcala prize competition, and my first time to draw for a story! So it was a challenge because I draw a lot, and I’ve been making illustrations for projects and whatnot, but I haven’t exactly drawn for a narrative before. Here are the pieces I came up with:

I haven’t looked at them in a while and now I can see all the things I still need to work on. On top of the list is that it doesn’t look as fun as how the story really is. I think I chose to draw them with warm colors because I thought the story was a bit nostalgic. Also, it feels like a girl’s book. Which is off! I mean, I put the boy in a teacup. I still have a long way to go! Haha.

With that said:
Three Things I Learned From my First Shot at PBBY

1. DON’T CRAM. Just don’t. DO. NOT. No.

2. Research. aka Franny, What is a boka-boka? It’s one kind of saranggola, but I put in all sorts of kites except that one. I’m pretty embarrassed about being careless about this one tsk tsk tsk.

3. The last thing you should get lazy about are details. Big difference between cute and cute that matters.

All-in-all, it was a fun challenge and I’m primarily happy that I even got to submit. Let’s draw again for next year, yes? : ) And are you not excited for when the book comes out?! Because I am :D I get to take home the sheep haha.


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