the blizzard and the breeze

Well hello you all!

Also, hello Easter! I’m in the middle of a 5-day holiday weekend and I’ve been keeping myself busy. My body clock keeps waking me up at my usual 7am so I haven’t slept in since the start of the holidays.

The thing, though, is that my computer died on me a couple of weeks ago (major logic board problems) and I’m waiting for Apple updates before I get a new one. The first week without it got me into this shaky state of trying to recover from suddenly being without a computer I can work on! I’m ok now, thanks to my aunt who lent me a temporary computer, and to my mother who got me this iPhone which has been saving my life ever since my computer died.

One of the things I have been up to is filling up sketchbooks.

 My 2012 Sketchbook Project (limited edition), which I’ll be sending back to Arthouse Co-op soon. Here are some pages. The theme I’m working around is The Secret and How to Tell It.

And more from the desk.

I recently cracked open a new sketchbook. It’s an A5 Grandluxe Monologue, as recommended by Yas. The paper is fairly good as it can hold paint and color without warping, and you can draw on one side of a page without any of the paint or ink showing through the other side. Also, it’s a steal at around 200+php, and comes in A4, A5, and A6 sizes. Got mine at Fully Booked. I have no regrets!

fake Vermeer addition to my personal fake artwork collection
I really like how this one turned out haha.

ALSO! Aside from the Mockingjay audiobook I’ve been listening to at work, I got myself a copy of Panitikang Pambata sa Filipinas by Virgilio Almario last night, having heard a lot of interesting things about it from Liza. I’m about 5 pages into the book and it’s a good read so far and I’m really curious as to how the rest of it pans out. On a different note, it’s really refreshing to read something in pure and formal Filipino again.

Consider this part 1 of ‘How Fran Deals’ series of entries. The most important thing I have learned so far is how much time I really have on my hands without the internet. I get to do a lot of other things and talk to more people in real life (haha) and sleep (at least 8 hours everyday on weekdays). Of course, there’s the part where I can’t really do any rush freelance work at the moment, but all the this “free” time I can spend not sitting in front of the computer is doing me good. This is me trying to see the forest, not the tree!

In other, other news:

trips to the bookstore without buying anything. Bookstores destress me.

trips to the art supplies store
I am grateful for the Deovir people’s accomodation, but sometimes it’s really therapeautic to just stare at rows upon rows of brushes and generally colorful things, and not really buy anything.
But yes.

annoying my sleepy sister

musical instruments and fried chicken on Black Saturday

remnants of bipolar weather

Moonleaf. This one with Kim and Billie.
My all-time favorite is their Honey Milk Tea, but the other day I got Passion Fruit Green Tea and it was golden. Notice my lie of a name because they keep misspelling my real one.

And a friendly reminder. Rommel brought his copy of Steal Like An Artist (Austin Kleon) to the office last week.

According to my list, my next entry is about a couple of drawing swaps I’ve made, and some handmade gifts I’ve received. In the meantime, the house smells of puttanesca, which means it is food o’clock.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays! Wuhoo.


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