rising suns

Mighty scorching hot here in the tropics. Even the slightest movements are tiring and afternoons get very conducive to napping.


I have been meaning to show you a couple of ace drawings I have acquired from swaps with friends.

This one is from Zeus Bascon!
Visit his blog at zeusbascon.blogspot.com 

In exchange for:

my Wedding at Arnolfini fake. From time to time I do quick drawings or sketches of artworks by my favorite masters as drawing exercise, giving myself usually 5-15 mins to try to get the most details into my version.  Zeus says the girl in the drawing he gave me is the couple in my drawing’s offspring hehe.

and second is by Aldy Aguirre.
Visit his site at 30alon.carbonmade.com
He says that’s me on the bougainvilla fish! I think the theme we had was flowers we remember from our childhood. I think!

In exchange for…

family gumamela silhouette portraits!
Patterned after my Rizal works.

It’s fun making things for friends. Drawings make for great presents! Email me, maybe WE can swap!

II. Ang INK Corner

Here’s something I did for today’s (Apr 21!) Ang INK Corner in the Students section of Manila Bulletin :) Every Saturday issue features a different Ang INK member.Brought about by many INKies having their birthdays in April! Happy birthday sa inyo haha.

III. Looking For Juan shirt, April

So I joined Looking For Juan’s shirt print contest for the theme “Kalayaan” (Freedom, in Filipino), and got into the finalists roster. You can see all the entries HERE on their Facebook page. If you’ll have me, mine’s #4 and you can Like to vote :) If not, my friend Aldy has #s 1 and 2 for you to Like instead! The best part is you can vote for both of us! Hah. If you don’t like our entries ( :( haha), there are 6 other participants you can choose to vote for! Yey.

I’m not sure if I can post my work here separately while the contest is going on, but it’s about curiosity as a privilege of freedom / being free. :)

IV. Meanwhile

Other things.

wallpapered offices

more living rooms

waking up too early

 book pages on dining tables
(Particulary the ones in The Vinci, this good new find of a restaurant on Katipunan, on the 2nd floor of the building right behind Shakey’s. Try their BBQ Pork!)

 crispy rice bars, best in packaging design



Yes, that’s about it. It’s almost 11 in the evening but the heat is just…everywhere. Even the water that comes out of the bathroom isn’t cold! Tropics, why? But work beckons anyway regardless of climate change etc, so yes! Until next time.


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