execution of things

I. Ang INK Catalog

Yesterday we finally compiled all the entries for this year’s Ang INK catalog! 40 copies, with almost 60 pages, all looking preeeetty good. :) This year’s cover is  by Domz Agsaway with one of his winning entries for PBBY Alcala this year (honorable mention).

Mine was inspired by Jonah getting swallowed by the big fish. I made little landscapes of what Jonah might have done to the place while he was there. Or what he saw when he got there. Who knows, right?

It folds out as such! Featuring Jonah’s underwear.

I envisioned my catalog page to contain this little folded booklet of sorts, but I made the (regrettable!) mistake of printing about half of the batch on board paper and they wouldn’t fold properly, so a little below 20 pcs of my catalog entries will be bound unfolded and will show the whole thing on just one page.

I had mine printed at home to save on time and money, and I finally got around to using my printer’s borderless printing option and it’s amazing! Haha. I’ve had my printer for a couple of years now, bought it during my senior year in college when I was doing my thesis for the same reason which was to save. I figured that instead of spending tons on having things printed outside, I just bought myself a printer, which costs less in the long run. It’s an HP Deskjet D2660 that I got for a little below 5,000php. Great investment!

As for paper, I printed the better batch on some Canson Mi Teintes pastel paper that I cut to size. Colors turned out great!  Confirming that a home printer can make decent and even good results with the right paper. The rest (meaning the ones that aren’t on board paper) I printed out on orange cross section paper. Experiments!

 II. New reads

Illustration School: Let’s Draw Cute Animals by Sachiko Umoto

Cute indeed! It basically teaches how to…draw cute animals.

You have to invent a tune for the song (which isn’t as easy as it seems, I figured) but it’s going to work wonders for kids if you catch a good tune for it.

Learn how to draw a rabbit, and THEN draw it AS A PANDA. #Japan

It’s educational, too. It has a section on animal tracks, bones, and dimensions in comparison to each other.  My favorite parts of the book.

Please take a quiet moment to notice the naked man with the cat.

The two other books in the Illustration School series.

I got a peek inside the People book and it seemed equally comprehensive as well, with parts that featured drawing fictional characters, and people in their national costumes.
Perfect gift for: kid relatives, your friends’ kids, or even your lover if they have a penchant for cute things. Or yourself! If YOU have a penchant for cute things.

And a batch of new magazines!

Issue 47 (May/June 2012) of Frankie

I have been ogling at Frankie‘s site for so long and when they announced that they were shipping to the Philippines via AllScript, my insides threw a party. AllScript was very accommodating too, delivering the magazine directly to the office free of charge, and asking me if I wanted them to set aside future copies for me! :)  I rarely buy new magazines; the ones I have are back issues I get from Booksale. Frankie is my exception!

really nice wrapping paper illustrated by Amy Borrell included as a freebie

a feature on creative couples

and redheads

and portraits by Helena Randall

Pretty ace magazine! You have made me glad, Frankie.

And a couple of issues from the newly-birthed NYLON Singapore

Again, I have never bought new copies of NYLON until now haha. I only have back issues from Booksale. I thought having an Asian NYLON merited celebration so I got the first two issues. I’m not the most fashionable person but I like clothes and looking at them. I am a girl after all, sometimes contrary to popular belief haha, but yes, fashion! And NYLON makes for a good reference material, and the illustrations are very nice.

I noticed that NYLON Singapore looks more structured and generally cleaner than the US version. Wala lang!

Hey, it features illustrations by local artists (ours!) too!  Ang cool lang. Here’s something by Tof Zapanta.

And Soleil Ignacio! I wish they let Soleil draw girls next, instead of bottles and jars!~

Will the day come when I can draw for these glossies that I like so much? I hope so. Haha! Speaking of drawing, I’m leaving you with one. We lost power in the house yesterday morning, and I was up early because I was printing a few more of my catalog entries, so I made a little something while waiting for the power to go back on.

Acrylic on some leftover board paper. Painting people is one of the things I do when the power goes out. Monster lashes!

AND! I’m in the middle of changing themes and there are some tweaking done behind scenes, so please don’t unfriend me just because the Links section is missing haha. But yes, I’m moving things here and there to organize my internet self so there.

Lastly: The Execution of All Things – Rilo Kiley

Over and out! Email niyo ko kwentuhan tayo! hello@francesalvarez.com


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