little town

Got to submit my work for a banner project this past weekend. I wasn’t sure I could make it but I did! But I kind of died somewhere along the way of making it happen haha.


sunrises, one too many

paint, leftovers and new ones. Liquitex, works like melted butter!

filling things up

and around

and getting into accidents in the process

: )
submitted for the approval of the midnight society haha

I’m still kind of woozy from it as it’s my first time to paint something this big. I have learned a lot!  From primer to varnish and the glitches in between. Exhibit is this coming June, will post something about it sometime soon, too. :)

On a  different note, I don’t think I mentioned this here but I joined a book illustrating contest a month ago.
Here is a peek!

NEXT STOP: Robotars!
It’s Jomike Tejido’s designer toy and I’m working on customizing one for an upcoming show.
Its head comes off and that makes me very happy.

Posted in WIP

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