last week

in photos

Monday: Studio Dialogo at Shutterspace Studios

Origami all day! Here is a pig eating a rafflesia.

On the other side of the studio.

Fedrigoni launch last Friday, at Archaeology in Powerplant.
Paper sculptures everywhere by Rubbertree! Here is an avocado.

Ruben and Trina of Rubbertree

Fedrigoni has really excellent paper in a lot of different textures, weights, and colors! They have a waterproof line which is my favorite. Feels like suede wow. You can get Fedrigoni paper through Prestige (they have stocks in their store and you can also place special orders through them).

lootbag freebie is a DIY paper sculpture

and paper samples

Also on Friday, at The Drawing Room

Alvin Gregorio’s 7 of 8 Prayers for My Son

and Trek Valdizno’s Mutual Gravitation

(which you have to see live because it’s really good and your computer screen isn’t doing justice to it at all)

enchilada at Achiote, Powerplant

Saturday, Ateneo. Good vibes! Also got to catch up with ms. Roxanne the lovely FA secretary, and Carina, Lech, and Glen, friends who teach under Fine Arts.

Also, Smile is back from Korea!

Wonderful pasalubong! Cute card from Oliver which now hangs on my bedroom wall, and a blank notebook from Smile :D

Sunday, adventures in Quezon City trying to navigate through the stretch of Kamuning Road and beyond.
In 80’s attire.

Takas! Are paper mache horses made in Paete, Laguna.

I’m working on a couple as part of the Takatak Project. Mine are a bit taller than a foot! Spent the rest of the day walking around carrying the horses with everyone doing a double take. Especially the kids!

Ready for Monday :)


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