June 12 is Independence Day here in The Philippines. I celebrated it by waking up at 6 in the morning (of a holiday wow haha) to attend the opening of CANVAS‘ banner project satellite exhibit at SM Megamall. I thought I wasn’t going to make it because it was raining so hard when I woke up. Also, I don’t know what good I did to deserve to be part of the roster; I was really surprised when I got the message that my work was going to be included in the show! I have no words.

artwork onstage is by National Artist Bencab

with The Boyscouts of the Philippines

They sat behind me during the opening ceremonies and I wanted to sink in the ground because I can’t remember the words to Panatang Makabayan (the new version) and probably looked stupid mouthing the little I could remember! Independence Day fail.

They gave us flags we waved around when Bayan Ko was sung.

the catalog

Met a few of the other participating in the banner project as well!
Tammy Tan and her artwork

Japs Antido and his work, with Tammy Tan

me with Annette of CANVAS, and my work. It’s right in front of The Hulk of Toy Kingdom haha.

Up to lunch I was still in a daze because when I looked at my banner I kept worrying about the parts where the fixative blurred out the paint, and to have my work alongside these great people is beyond me. But before going home I passed by the place again and saw a couple of guys posing with my banner, leaning towards the left like they were leaning on the hill. I figured that hey, these guys are having fun with it. It’s not perfect but it talks to people somehow.

Click HERE for more pictures of the exhibit. Somewhere in that album is a photo of Bencab and The Hulk and I urge you to check that out.

Spent the rest of the day catching up on sleep and work, and singing Bibidi-Bobidi-Boo to my sister. I leave you with a photo of this snail and the leaf I fed it with.

Today was very humbling, from the exhibit to the snail-feeding.

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