Hi July

Nice things to welcome the second half of the year.

1. Frankie issue 48! Was delivered last week.

Aware :)

my favorite part

2. Ang Alamat ng Palay, retold by National Artist Virgilio S. Almario and illustrated by Conrad Raquel under Adarna House.

It’s an excellent book! I especially love Conrad’s illustrations here. I know him from Ang INK and he’s really good. You can see more of his works on his Ang INK page.


3. washi tape rolls. Got a couple from Heima this past weekend.


I also got to catch The Amazing Spiderman (directed by Marc Webb, how punny) last Saturday. It was…OK. It was good but not really mindblowing haha but I enjoyed it. Best Stan Lee Cameo ever. And! I thought the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone seemed familiar to something I couldn’t point out, until I got home and was reminded that Marc Webb also directed 500 Days of Summer.

In between of everything else are a lot of things I have to finish haha! Here’s to the rest of the year!

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