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In between work and the rest of the world:

made a couple of batches of cold porcelain clay
Didn’t work out quite well for me, and I think I’m making these into little bowls instead. Also, this was the state of our fridge chiller last week.

Opted to go for air dry clay instead. Worked perfectly.

ceramic paint does NOT thin with water nor with paint medium
Should have researched beforehand. A couple of my fine brushes are ruined now.

Robotars exhibit, at Vinyl on Vinyl (The Collective, Malugay St., Makati). Almost didn’t finish my entry but here! I also didn’t make it to the exhibit opening but I heard it was fun~

consolation prizes from leftover clay

Takatak Attack exhibit, at Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery (10A Alabama St., QC). The exhibit will be on view until August 4, with an egress event on that day and a Studio Ghibli film showing! Shall I see you there? Yes?

National Children’s Book Day at Museong Pambata.
They had a real barber’s chair to celebrate the winning PBBY Salanga Prize story “Ano’ng Gupit Natin Ngayon?” by Russell Molina, to be illustrated by Hubert Fucio

PBBY board

Rizalpabeto book launch at CANVAS gallery. The book features artwork by Elmer Borlongan–letters from the Filipino alphabet, a la letras y figuras–based on poems by Vim Nadera. My favorite is Paciano. :)

by Plet Bolipata, also at the CANVAS headquarters. I think it’s a crocheted piece cast to the shape of a small bathtub! It is beautiful.

and then some fangirling with Jon Jaylo’s untitled painting for this year’s Romeo Forbes Children’s Story Writing Competition

Yesterday at The Mind Museum: National Children’s Book Awards

pretty trophy! Congratulations to all the winners! INKie winners include Liza Flores, Serj Bumatay, Robert Magnuson and Yasmin Ong.

Free tour after. Didn’t finish though. BUT IT WAS SO FUN! I have to go back! I will love you long time if you go back with me haha. Lika na, date na tayo.

possibly my favorite piece. It was on Atoms, and there as a giant melting chocolate bar with a giant fly on top.

shadow box shenanigans

One of the most beautiful books I have ever bought. New novel by Dave Eggers (who also wrote my favorite book of all time You Shall Know Our Velocity). Cover designed by Jessica Hische!!!

where I am now. I’m a sucker for novels with extensive descriptions of foreign lands, people and culture, and so far AHFTK has not disappointed me.
This year is definitely one for the books, literally. I haven’t read this much since before thesis days in college.
That was around 4 years ago :(

and something I bought from WeWillBeeWed! Elbert Or, one of my profs back in college, and his fiancee Lorra are selling some of their books to save up for their wedding. Go check out their stash, it is quite golden. Thank you Elbert and Lorra! Very nice book.

Other other things: stupid cupids and losing girls, The Etiquettes Saturday at Epi’s

my sister scratching her ear a little too hard

handmade paper at Prestige


work etc.

and life as I know it

It’s been raining so hard these past few days (what with two storms in the country haha. Tropical countries are the best), but it’s perfect sometimes, like right now, when it’s chilly and I’m in track pants and my audiobook of Catching Fire is on and the house smells like Nilagang Baka.

I’d be glad to hear what YOU have been up to! :) Hope you’ve been as happily busy~



  1. hello fran!
    drea here, we met last sat at the mind museum! it was lovely meeting you, sali ka sa craft group na binubuo namin! :) or if you like books, am moderating this online book club called booklat (, we’d love to have you join us! :)


  2. No need for thinner, Fran. It’s just like acrylic. Pag nagkamali ka, pwede mo i-wipe off kaagad with water. Minsan nga dinadamihan ko pa yung tubig para may washed effect, parang watercolor. Hehe. At! Pwede syang i-air dry. For 21 days. :)


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