I have been skipping Dailies I’m sorry! I get really sleepy when I come home from work hehe.

Anyway. Halfway through the weekend. Have some doodles.

Yesterday’s food trip with Kim and Howard, and Frankie for a while: Sebastian’s Cookie Dough Chilly Burger & Snack Attack Ice Cream Pizza, The Vinci’s BBQ Ribs, Buffalo Wings, and Meatball Spaghetti, Coffee Bean tea and hot chocolate, and pahabol KFC soup

And some plans for the future. I don’t know how feasible all of these are but I want to make them happen someday.

The things I’m currently on to are growing my hair out and practicing my drawing skills so I can be good enough to make a book haha. Designing for government requires a much much more effort and opportunities.

I have no capital to start my chocolate empire yet but you know, WAIT FOR ME haha. While looking for chocolate packaging this past week I came across the Mast Brothers and thought hey, I want that too. We have some land in the province so I guess that’s a start. Kind of. But I want a farm of sort someday! Cacao, vegetables for salad, pineapples.

Barcelona is far fetched but who knows? That’s a Gaudi window right there.

Sunday has been very quiet so far. I’m off to Taft for church in a while. Let’s see how the rest of the day pans out.

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