lightest years

First wave of birthday season in Studio Dialogo!

Why yes, our office looks like this everyday. The alien space pod lamps are new additions though :) And we changed the buntings to a more colorful batch (there used to be paper circles and lanterns)

Rommel had his birthday on Thursday, Sept 6.

Lunch at Uno Restaurant.
Clockwise from the top: Surf and Turf pasta, BBQ ribs (I think!), Free Range Chicken, Smoked Halibut.
Birthdays at Dialogo involve a lot of food.

And eggplant soup and watercress salad. And a couple of baskets of sourdough bread haha.

And then cake! Chocolate Decadent Cake with Caramel Sauce, with Pure & Best Fresh Milk~

Cheers! Abi, Liza, Rommel

We gave Rommel a mini library haha.

with the card and all. I lent him my Chip Kidd novels. I hope you like ’em, Rommel!

The next day I had mine!

We had breakfast at this quaint restaurant called Stacy’s! It was a very pleasant morning, with all the sunshine and their Beatles playlist.

My Croque Madame, with potato chips and strawberry jam, and Raspberry Iced Tea.
This meal lasted THE WHOLE DAY. Not kidding. I was full until dinner.


And then when we got to the office: CAKE. ICE. CREAM. CAKE.
Pistachio ice cream and marshmallows and chocolate and the universe. In one cake.
Today is Monday and half of the cake still sits in our fridge haha.

had a haircut during the weekend
The parlor had a koala documentary on! It said that koalas need 20 hours of sleep to get energized. 20 hours. 20 hours. … 20 hours.

Saturday was Etiquettes day! Plus Zion.
This is 3/4s of Epi’s room haha.

But before that, they surprised me with lunch ; u ; You guys~

carnage haha
Read and Brew cheesecake, Chooks to Go chicken and liempo, and pasta by Airon! All very good! Kim and I went over our calorie limits for the day hahaha.

Donkey Hottie had a gig that night and we went to watch.
BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE DISCO BALL!!! Na-stun ako momentarily haha. Thanks Hotties!!!

And then next day, much to my waist line’s dismay, my family and I kind of hoarded Al Capone donuts at J.Co hahaha.

Presents! :>

1-4. Journal Junkies workshop, The 12 Dancing Princesses (Scout Books) and its Filipino equivalent Ang Labindalawang Masasayang Prinsesa (Anvil), a Rubbertree purse, and all the surprise happenings on my birthday from Studio Dialogoats Abi, Liza, and Rommel <3

5. A birthday card from Howard, along with the surprise Etiquettes lunch from Kim, Epi, and Airon

A snack jar also from Dialogo! Because my workplace strongly encourages snacking! It sits right on my desk haha.

And artwork from Aldy! I’m a big fan so this is really special. It’s my computer wallpaper now~!

It’s been a fun birthday weekend everyone. This is one of the most eventful birthdays I’ve had in my 18  24 years of existence.


Cheers hugs high fives to you all! You are all golden.

OK. So. 24. What now and where to?


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