circus act

So these past few weeks have been dedicated to wrapping up a month-old slow-growing baby which is my artwork for Ang INK’s 21’s Annual Exhibit happening on Friday.  I’ve lagged behind for half a month because I’ve been trying to come up with something funny and kind of gave up on for a while haha.

Mixing colors. Everything with Yellow Ochre haha.

I don’t think my piece is particularly hilarious but it’s whimsical at the very least. Ah well. I’m happy with how it turned out!

With some last minute details a day before framing :)

Favorite things from this project!

1. Saunders Waterford 300gsm cold press watercolor paper! Works fine at only 130php a sheet. I think Arches holds water and pigment better but their 300gsm sheets cost double. Saunders is okay so far! I like how it’s a bit cream-colored too.

2. The best glue ever haha. Found in the scrapbooking section of National Bookstore. This is my last tube! I have to hoard get new stocks.

3. Ever-trusty X-Acto knife. The papercut part of my piece isn’t very detailed but it was still a challenge to cut through 300gsm paper all night. Hands felt like a lobster’s the day after.

4. Metal ruler. Ok, the Berkeley ones are on the lighter side of the metal ruler spectrum but they do the job fine, I guess. Meaning they’re tolerable. Although! I’ve compared it with my other longer metal ruler (of a different brand) and the intervals between their digits differ. I trust my longer ruler more for measurements, but my Berkeley does OK with cutting smaller pieces of paper (as in within the parameters of my desk. I use my long ruler on the floor). Someday I will get myself a heavier ruler haha. I have to deserve it first because the good rulers are quite expensive but ultimately GOOD THINGS TO BUY. You should know that my metal rulers are two of the best investments I’ve made since I started my illustration and crafty shenanigans.

Another favorite thing of the week is David Wiesner’s ‘Free Fall’! Which I found at Booksale in UP Diliman’s Shopping Center. That place is quite golden. Also perhaps the most curated Booksale I’ve ever been to! They have a good selection of children’s books, graphic novels, paperbacks, and DVDs! Haha.

I’ve always loved Wiesner’s wordless picture books. Poetic to the marrow and the illustrations are so detailed his books are so nice to stare at for long periods of time. ‘Free Fall’ was published in 1988, which makes us the same age! :)

What a week! November  has been good so far. Let’s keep it up until the year ends, 2012. PLEASE!

Again, Mabubulaklak na Dila opens this Friday already! Hope to see you there! :)


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