Hi. :)

Got my Frankie Issue 50 this week and inside was this calendar poster! It went straight to my corner of the office, of course.

Friday afternoons

Zuzuarregui Street

Ang INK’s 21 Annual Exhibit opening at CANVAS

Finally got around to visiting the Manila Seedling Bank to get materials for an upcoming exhibit. Teacup sea and saucer ocean! So much kitchenware! And at very cheap prices, too. They’re on sale until the 30th! Upon entering the Manila Seedling Bank from EDSA, there’s this warehouse marked “SUBASTA” and that’s where all the goodies are at.

I was only supposed to go to SM North to withdraw money and buy paper, but then Uniqlo just opened the day before and the line going inside the store wasn’t long at all, so I took my chance. And Uniqlo kind of took my money away haha. I love my little haul. I would have gotten more but the other prints only had large sizes left.I WANT ALL THEIR TAIYOU MATSUMOTO SHIRTS OKAY. And maybe their jeans, and flannel shirts, and poncho sweaters, and tunic shirts. I love how their items are relatively affordable given the quality of their clothes. Even without the sale, a lot of their items, even the jeans, cost below 1000php.

Other goodies from this week include Marcus Nada’s (1/2 of Electrolychee) zines

and bookmarks by Jason Sto. Domingo and Kay Aransanzo :)

And! Last tidbit for the week: 100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask, volume 2 wins at the 2012 National Book Awards in the Leisure category!
I did some illustrations for this book, huzzah! Congratulations one and all! :)

I leave you all with this. Please watch it especially if you are having a bad day.
My favorite is the fellow waving around his eyeballs :))


2 thoughts on “choreography”

    1. Nakakatawa sila diba? :))

      Nuks for your blooming kitchen endeavors hihi. Galing sa Circle, take Quezon Ave, tapos pag-kanan ng EDSA, malapit nalang yung gate nila, nasa right side din. :) Tapos first warehouse na makikita mo is ito nang nagbebenta ng kitchenthings :D Hihi enjoy.


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