be right back

I’m still here. Around.

I’m still in the process of moving this blog to this corner of the web. I have exactly a month, mostly because my premium subscription expires in…exactly a month haha. And then there’s the matter of work. I am really grateful for all the projects I have lined up this early on in the year, and I am doing my best to discipline myself and handle everything efficiently.

On a more personal note, all these things that need to be done are keeping my girly emotional surges at bay haha. Dead, idle time makes my head wander a lot and it’s been rough getting back on track. For the past few months I’ve been keeping myself knee-deep in imaginary bog and I haven’t had any motivation to work on even small personal projects. I did a bit of backreading a few days ago and saw old drawings and shenanigans, and realized how unproductive I’ve grown already, ugh. SO! If I owe you something, I sincerely apologize. I assure you that I am inching my way to finishing it somehow.

I am better now, I think, and I am slowly gaining my momentum. I just need to get a grip and focus.


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