I’ve decided to close my personal Facebook account soon, and I made a Page instead for posting my work and updating everyone. Lately, I’ve been finding Facebook already too crowded for my taste and also distracting, and then this morning I read this and I knew it was time to go.

So! Check out facebook.com/FranAlvarezPH and click Like so we can still keep in touch!



In other news, here are some upcoming events I will be part of.

NCBD-2014July 15
National Children’s Book Day 2014

You can check the schedule of events here or on the PBBY Facebook page. I will be there with my fellow Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan members! We’ll be having a booth to sell artworks and other goodies. Bring your kids, family members, students, neighbors, and say hello!


July 19-20
10A Alabama Handmade Arts and Crafts Fair
posters by Inky Livie

The much-awaited 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair is here again! I’ll be there on both days with Speculiars. I wasn’t able to attend the last one so I’m really excited about this. I’ll be selling handmade necklaces, art prints and postcards, notebooks, and stickers. My friends have some awesome line-ups as well, check out our Facebook page to see them!


And lastly, something I made for last weekend’s Manila Bulletin Ang INK Corner. However, we just got word that they cancelled our spot already, and I wasn’t able to buy a copy of the paper on Saturday so I don’t know if this got published. But here it is anyway! It’s a reinterpretation of a previous artwork that also involves an umbrella growing out of the ground.

What I like about making stamp prints is that I work faster with them than with watercolors. It’s perfect for whenever I get in the mood but only have a small amount of time to indulge myself to doodle. I also don’t mind making mistakes with them, as opposed to my watercolor work which I like to be clean and almost calculated.

Yes so there, I hope everyone’s happily busy with projects also. What have you been up to? :)


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