August, I’m on your side

On new projects
Earlier this year, I got to work on another collaboration with Punchdrunk Panda for their newest product line: duffle bags! I got a peek of the product shots this week and I’m so excited. This was easily one of the projects of the first part of the year that I enjoyed working on the most. I posted a work-in-progress preview a while back, and it makes me kind of giddy knowing that it has materialized already.

My pattern is called Midnight Spring.

Read more about Punchdrunk Panda’s duffle bags and get to see the other designs as well on the Punchdrunk Panda blog. I’ll post more about them and the launch later this month.

Other goings-on
Because August also wants to be on our side! By keeping us busy and productive!


Nominations are now open for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards! Time to give some love back to the books that made us happy the past year. There’s a list of published titles on the website for reference, so you don’t forget to nominate all your favorites. (Hating Kapatid is on the list, just saying *nudge wink*)


On the Monday after next, there will be a tribute exhibit for Larry Alcala, and the PBBY-Alcala Prize winners for the past 31 years at the Corredor Gallery at the UP CFA. I believe most, if not all awardees, are from Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, so you will most likely see my face there that afternoon for support and for general fangirling.


Also starting this month are the pottery classes at UP CFA. I learned a lot from the workshop when I signed up earlier this year, and I have been yearning to practice again. Sadly I haven’t been able to make time for it yet, and every time I drop by the studio it’s always closed (maybe because it was summer?). Pottery is a very interesting art form (a big understatement!) and I enjoyed the workshop very much.


And lastly, because Adarna House is super efficient, we already have book signing schedules for September’s Manila International Book Fair! I’ll be there on September 21 at the Adarna House booth at 1 PM for book signing with Ms. May Tobias-Papa, author of my latest book Can We Live Without Trees? . But. You will probably find me at the event most of that day, scouring for books as far as my wallet will permit haha, so say hello if you will (and if you can find me amongst the wilderness). Adarna is also giving away free tickets to the book fair, and they have a raffle going on at their blog. Check it out!

And there you have it. So much to do. I hope everyone’s having an a-ok August so far!


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