Work-in-progress: Grow lettering

Here’s a peek of the lettering piece I finished a few days ago. I’m happy that the light cream color of the paper came out in the scan. Also, I had accidentally dropped a loaded brush on it when I had literally just finished it, so I had to edit it out digitally. Other than that, everything is done by hand! I’ll be posting the whole piece next week when it comes out on Thinkie Tank.

Other things

1. I don’t recommend watching Mood Indigo in the morning.

2. All the holidays happening every other workday has screwed up my routine and my momentum. The long weekend just started and all I can think about is all the sideline work I have to get done by next week. 

3. And lastly, a little reminder from Satsuki Shibuya.

Sometimes I feel myself falling into the trap of stressing over making things to get other people’s validation, just so I can feel I’m getting somewhere or that my work is something significant. The thing is I guess I was never one who was super comfortable with making stuff for no reason or purpose, wala lang in Filipino, and so sometimes when I feel that my work doesn’t connect with other people, it kind of bothers me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working on stuff for fun, because I do, but it’s not my main goal because after a while it feels indulgent for me. One of my success indicators with my work–design or illustration or crafts–is when I get to connect with other people with what I make, even just on a very basic level. I’m happy when I work on things I personally like, but I’m happier when other people get to share in it, too, or if they find my work useful. 

On a slightly different note, I think being around creative people all the time is affecting how I work also, because sometimes I get a bit too conscious of their reaction to the things I come up with. Like, if I feel that the people I admire or if my friends don’t pay attention to my work, it gets to me sometimes. And I need to snap out of it! Because I don’t want my work to be highly dependent on that kind of attention. I need to stop defining my own standards by other people’s standards. I’ve been thinking about why this is affecting me now, when I used to not care about it before. I guess I feel that I’ve worked pretty hard to get to where I am now, and I value it so much I get scared sometimes thinking of whether this is going to be something sustainable or not. I guess I need to realign my perspective and work towards making good stuff, not necessarily popular stuff. The right people will come, they say, so maybe I just need to be patient, and work quietly and with joy. :)

OK, break time is over! Cheers for the long weekend!


2 thoughts on “Work-in-progress: Grow lettering”

  1. Hindi ka nagiisa sa ganyang pangitain fran, haha. I share the same dilemmas with the “validation thingy” before. Maybe i grew sick of that feeling kasi kakambal nya yung need to impress people. Ang daling maligaw sa ganun kasi hindi mo malalaman kung ano yung dapat i-improve. Kung lahat sasabihin na maganda, dyosa na yung gawa?! haha. I’m not sure about being around creative people pero i remember yung Orsem on my batch where everyone showed their art, ugh, sorry but its really like wow and then whoaah tapos nag end sa pagod na hinga. Bad sa health ang a little too much. People WILL define our art according to their standard not ours. So you’re right to stop defining yours according to how they see it. Today i find it fruitful to connect with my miniscule community here and those i meet on fairs, they are the ones who see me and my art :) Focusing on that connection helps me a lot to divert the validation into something more personal :) its therapeutic! :)


    1. Your comment is so insightful! I think kasi tayo, in a way, trabaho natin yung craft natin so it’s natural to be conscious of what other people think of our work. Pero ayun nga, personally, I don’t want to work to impress people but on the other hand hinahanap ko rin yung validation kahit pa’no. I guess kailangan hanapin yung healthy balance. I’m still learning to convert my energy into something productive, instead of feeling sulky and insecure sometimes hehe. Yung sa creative people bit, minsan na-ooverthink ko kasi, kunwari yung super idols ko minsan feeling ko ayaw nila sa gawa ko, tapos na-aaffect ako haha! It’s silly but it happens sometimes haha. And tama ka, during the art fairs and sa INK din it makes me happy to meet people who do their work because they genuinely love to make things! :) Tapos ang pleasant lang nilang mga tao. I guess isa yun sa personal reminders ko din na naturally nagiging pleasant ang mga bagay kapag gumagawa ka at your own pace and standards, without thinking too much about other people’s opinions. :) Thanks Sab!!! :)


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