October whereabouts

AKA basically everywhere!

I made a little something for the upcoming Type Kita exhibit! It’s going to be on October 18 and 19, at 10A Alabama. Fellow Speculiars homegurl Angela Taguiang is also part of the show, along with other friends like The Googly Gooeys, Mansy Abesamis, Asa Montenejo of Inky Livie, Arlene Florendo Barbaza, and Forever Ugly Project. The show is also for the benefit of HEART school, so cool (HEHE).

I used to be so wary of lettering because of the sudden surge of the whole movement. You know the feeling when your long-time favorite band suddenly becomes famous and you’re not sure whether you’re happy about it or not? That feeling haha. But interestingly, type as an artform pretty much made itself quite at home in the local creative scene. Type Kita has created a cozy venue for people who are dedicated to the craft and to producing good work, and who push lettering beyond the trend. But more than that, these are the people who just have a good time making things out of letters. It’s not ~super serious graphic design~ but they’re having fun and making good work.

As for myself, I try my best and play with letters but I’m far from being super at it, and it’s humbling to be able to be part of this show. I’m excited to see the exhibit! I am also excited for the varnish on my piece to dry so I can send it to them already haha sorry!

10A Alabama is along Alabama St (SURPRISE!), which is the street right next to Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez.


Real Living once again invited Speculiars to do a craft demo during the launch of their 2014 Real Living Spaces on October 24 at the Magnolia Residences! Pergy will be doing a demo on paper embroidery, and the rest of us will be there to fangirl and sell Speculiars merch and goodies. Thanks Dagny and Real Living for inviting us again!

Visit the Real Living Spaces website!


Also this month, I’ll be part of Bring Your Own Benta at the Hey Kessy Studio! It’s going to be my first time to join a selling event without the super powers of Speculiars with me, so wish me luck. I’m in the middle of working on what I’ll be selling at the event, which will mostly be paper goods. I’m making a pattern series right now and I hope I can finish everything in time for the fair. Save the date and say hi, and bring me cookies and other things to make me less nervous ok?


Future events include the 2014 Komikon and the 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair, both in November. Not sure if I can work on the zine I’ve been wanting to make in time for Komikon. Let us see! For December, Ang INK has a group exhibit in the works, and I can’t wait to share it with you because I like the theme very much.

All that, alongside crunch time at Studio Dialogo, a couple of Speculiars projects, events to be planned for Ang INK, plus one last handful of freelance projects I took on before the year ends. Whew, let’s do this!


2 thoughts on “October whereabouts”

  1. Good luck Franny! I want to go to the Type Kita exhibit but I’ll likely be out of town that weekend… Will drop by kung di matuloy, though. If not, will drop by the Hey Kessy fair on the 25th. :)
    I’m enjoying my attempts at lettering–I’ve always been fascinated by type but never had the balls and never took the time to learn. Ngayon I’ve accepted that I will probably never be good, but I still like learning it (specially since there are more tutorials available now than in college) and trying to improve. It’s a way of destressing for me, something that I can easily do at work and still look ‘busy’. Oops.


    1. Ack ngayon ko lang nakita ito I’m so sorry! But thank you!!! Ay, don’t accept defeat! Haha practice lang, promise, one day marealize mo how much progress you’ve made by not giving up! Haha. Yay good luck! :) And most importantly, enjoy~


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