zine attempt

Earlier this month, I made a zine for my partner Jenny, for Light Grey Art Lab’s Make My Holiday! Art Swap. I also sent her prints of some of my drawings, plus my pattern postcard set. I hope the package gets to her as soon as possible and in good condition.

I used my tree parts stamps made out of eraser blocks, a black stamp pad, some cream textured paper for the inside pages and gray board paper for the cover, Dymo labels for the numbers, and the Quirky Align stapler I got myself for Christmas. I’ve been meaning to make a zine out of my stamps for quite some time now but haven’t gotten around to planning for it, so I’m happy I finished this.

I’m easing myself back into work now that Christmas is over. There’s still New Year’s, but I’ve been so restless these past couple of days, especially with the knowledge that I still have a few things to submit asap. I hope I accomplish a lot tomorrow before all the New Year’s eve preparations. I’ll get back to my book and movie backlog after I finish all the things I need to.

On a completely different note, I started Serial this afternoon and I’m halfway through the 12 eps. Rommel has been recommending it for some time now but I only got around to starting it today. I can’t stop listening I need the truth what happened ugh.

Yep so, happy almost 2015!


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