I tried to maximize the last week of my holiday vacation with all sorts of paper-related activities.

1. Worked on a piece for an upcoming group show later this month. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend! I taped my floor to help me measure the parts of the artwork and figure out the proportions so I can have the frame made already.

2. I got myself a bottle of Jacquard SolarFast sunprint dye last month, and finally got around to trying them out. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy that day and my test prints were terribly underdeveloped.

Here I used stamp prints on acetate sheets. The prints barely came through.

For this one I crumpled a sheet of onion skin paper and spread it on top of the dyed page. With this, at least I got the idea of how it’s going to look like when developed properly.

3. Offline journaling. I’m using this Sketchnotes notebook that Eilyn (who also made it!) gave me last month. I met her at Bring Your Own Benta last year. I like the paper she uses for the inside pages a lot because my usual pen’s ink doesn’t bleed on them. Go get yourselves one. I think she even accepts custom orders if you want a bigger or smaller size.


Back to the office tomorrow!


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