Maynila, part 1

I made a photo post on my old blog about the Royal Postal Heritage Tour (free walking tours around Manila hosted by the Apo Philatelic Club and Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club) that I joined with my friends Pergy and Rex last year. When I switched back to WordPress, though, the post was erased and I didn’t get to import it back here. So! Here are the photos again!

Maynila, part 1

Our main tour guide, Mr. Rence Chan.

The Manila Post Office

This Thai stamp had an actual grain of rice glued to it.

Vintage stamps for sale from the collectors themselves. I learned from one of the stamp collectors we were with during the tour that such a thing called bogus stamps existed. These featured made-up countries, with illustrations of  made-up animals or plants or landscapes. They’re considered to be of much lesser value in the stamp world, but I personally think it’s interesting that there are such things. I forgot the reason behind them, and I’ve lost all my notes, woe. Do any of you know, though?

There was an ongoing auction that morning.

Some of the items up for auction included specimen sheets of the old 50-peso bills.

Pergy and Rex

The National Press Club was a short walk away.

By the entrance was a mosaic mural by Galo Ocampo, which wrapped itself around one side of the lower part of the building. Some tiles were missing but the piece was generally still intact.

And then we walked some more towards Intramuros.

Those grills.

First part directly translates to “Don’t ever love the love that doesn’t love your love.”


End of part 1.

I’ll post the second batch of photos as soon as I can. It’s entirely of the Metropolitan Theater.

The Royal Postage Heritage tours are free and happen regularly. The next one is on Feb 15. Find more details and how you can join on their Facebook page.


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