My little online shop is open.

I’ve been planning for this for the longest time and I’m happy it’s up. I figured that there aren’t always craft fairs to join and I still have a lot of items in stock. I really want to get my work out there, too! The shop currently holds some prints, postcards, and a button pin set.

I’ve gone through several e-commerce platforms and BigCartel is the one I’m most comfortable with right now. Since I’m still new at this, for now I only ship within Metro Manila and I’m only accepting checkout via Paypal. BUT! You can email me for special orders or payment requests (bank deposit), or if you’re ordering outside Metro Manila or from another country.

One thing that pushed me to finally make time for this was listening to (actually more like obsessing over) Sam Weber’s Your Dreams My Nightmares podcast interviews, specifically those of Hannah K. Lee and Leah Goren. It’s inspiring how they really make the time and go the extra mile to share their work and create their own venues for their work to be seen, rather than just wait for others to come to them with offers. I felt better about putting up the shop because there’s this notion of selling out when you commodify art, when really I just love making things and I want to open up my work for others to share in, too. To hang on their walls or give as presents or collect or something. So there. Happy dance goes here!

EDIT, Jan 19.
I made an alternate order form HERE for provincial and international orders, and for those who prefer to pay via bank deposit.


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