more jeepney girls

2015-sketch-6and some who are rather unimpressed
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Tested out a water brush I got today. I got a Derwent one, which was around 400 pesos aka more expensive than I honestly expected water brushes to be, meep. But I got it anyway as I really want one and I can’t find any other place that carries a cheaper brand. As with all things new, I’m still getting the hang of it. I know the whole point is to make life easier, but using it feels like I’m cheating watercolor somehow haha. It’s pretty nifty so far, though.

I’m not sure why but I’ve been rather sheepish these past few weeks and I can’t seem to get any work done right. All the ideas I come up with are sucky. I know I’m too old to make hormones my scapegoat, however tempting, but I feel like that it’s to blame still.

Lately, I’ve been feeling my monsters creeping back in, but after a few cookies tonight I realized, for one thing, how much I’m letting my younger self down by how miserably I’ve been thinking about life now. This hit me the other day, because as Rommel (who is currently my Yoda whether he likes it or not. P.S. I haven’t actually watched Star Wars but everyone gets the reference) advised, maybe the only person you should compare yourself with is who you were before. And I did, and what I saw was not how much better my work looks compared to before, or how much I’ve accomplished, but how much sadder I am now as a person. I’m not sure where all my issues are coming from but I feel like I have so many right now, it’s pathetic. Being that toxic friend in your social circle drives people away.

And so with one last cookie, I resolved to get over myself once and for all. *fist shaking in the air*

Which brought me to mull over how I miss everyone, which in turn got me around considering reviving my old Facebook account because however I like how quiet the internet got without it, apparently, that’s still where everyone is haha. I thought I’d have more time for offline interaction with one less social media account, but it’s fascinating how I was proven so wrong. ~There’s no one offline, ssh, don’t tell.~

On a completely different note, here are some food items I learned about from all the restaurant shoots we’ve been doing lately:

1. viennoiserie
2. kouign-amann
3. mille-feuille
4. lettuce hearts


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