glass windows

Weekends lately.

From Eric Zamuco’s “Another Other” exhibit at the Ateneo Art Gallery. These are made from bones, apparently!

my favorite is the piece in the ceiling

Apparently, there was an event at the AAG when we went. I think it was in line with the Ateneo Fine Arts Festival, and the orgs from the performing arts cluster did short numbers inside the gallery. I’m happy the admin lets students hold events like these inside the venue already. Generally, I get excited when I hear news of any FA-related / creative development in my alma mater haha. So much new things since our batch. I think it’s a very good time to be a fine arts student at Ateneo.

Angela and some Monas

And Iori, living life on the edge, wearing a La Salle jacket behind enemy lines haha.

A Fernando Zobel woodcut print. I honestly didn’t know he made anything else other than his abstract paintings. I quite like this one very much!

And chicken as big as my face at Hotstar. Underwhelming, though. For a hundred something pesos, the size seems sulit but it didn’t taste special at all.

Ho hum. The days seem quieter lately.


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