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A break from my jeepney ladies. I haven’t been able to draw after work the past week because

A) I am always groggy from new meds for my arm pain. I have to take them once in the morning, then again at night, so my mind is always in this limbo and I feel like jelly ALL THE TIME.

B) I have to help my arm recover. It’s nothing serious though, just muscle strain from overuse and bad posture. The doctor told me to check my workplaces, too, and arrange things so that my drawing arm stays comfortable all the time even while working.

I was also prescribed to go through physical therapy sessions and I had my first one last Saturday. It was interesting but I realized how much I didn’t like going to the doctor and undergoing tests and such. I want to get better as soon as I can, and I want to not get sick ever again so I don’t have to go to the doctor. And buy expensive medicine. I also need to consciously stop working so much. Drawing is fun but it’s easy to forget it’s also ~work~.

In other news, the past week has been pleasantly eventful despite all the deadlines at work, what with Abi‘s birthday happening, and a visit to this year’s Art Fair Philippines. Will post some other time when I am not jelly girl anymore.


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  1. Really enjoyed stumbling across your blog, I too am feeling very groggy from painkillers at the moment so the volume of drawing I’m able to do is suffering. Hope your arm gets better soon! Mx


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