in the year 2015

Here’s the latest Your Dreams My Nightmares podcast episode, on being Internet Famous. Sam Weber interviews illustrators Leah Goren and Josh Cochran, and Lucky Peach magazine’s art director Walter Green. Pretty interesting listen.


I don’t really curate everything I post online, not very meticulously so. Hmm. I’m not sure how much a pretty Instagram account or a blog contributes to getting work. The people who get in touch with me with offers mostly refer to my portfolio, and the feedback I get from my blog are people saying how they can relate to how I feel sometimes, or their thoughts on certain things I’m thinking about, too.

Personally I keep my social media accounts for everything else that I don’t put in my portfolio (like food and my friends’ faces and funny things in the city), and I like having corners on the internet where I don’t have to think about whether what I put up will get me jobs or not. And although my social media accounts do have a lot of art and illustration related things still, I’d like to think that as a person, I’m not absolutely what I do for a living haha.

On a different note, I would like to see more discourse like those on Your Dreams My Nightmares locally, not just portfolio showcases disguised as talks all the time. I’m also really interested in learning about other people’s activities which translate into their process, things that aren’t directly related to how they execute a certain style, or their materials, or their clients.

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