CreateTEEvity with Uniqlo, and jeepney life lessons

Yesterday, my friends Pergy Acuña, Yas Doctor, Iori Espiritu, and Angela Taguiang, and I represented our illustrators’ org Ang INK at CreateTEEvity, a shirt exhibit and kids’ workshop with Uniqlo. Cannot spaz enough! I love Uniqlo so much you have no idea.

The event was at the newly-opened branch at SM City Marikina. We gave a shirt painting workshop to some students of Industrial Valley Elementary School, with the theme “real-life heroes”. Most of them considered their parents as their real-life heroes, some their teachers, and others Jose Rizal, our national hero. A lot of the kids in my table were hilarious, and although a lot of them were new to painting on fabric, I think I spent more time encouraging them rather than teaching them because they were all so game with drawing already. One of my kids’ works was accidentally reminiscent of Basquiat though he was quite convinced it was ugly, and in his terms, “parang na-Walking Dead” haha.





One of the kids with Uniqlo COO for the Philippines, Mr. Kubota.




Aside from the workshop, the five of us also got to paint our own real-life hero shirts, which are and will be on exhibit at Uniqlo SM City Marikina.


Ma’am Jas of Uniqlo, with some of our shirts on display. She’s also wearing my Astronaut shirt!

INK-UQ-11And some process shots.
I’m not really used to painting on fabric so I opted to use stencils, some ink pads, and my trusty brayer to work on my shirts.


Shirt one is an astronaut.

INK-UQ-9Shirt two is a librarian, but it can also represent book lovers in general.

Thank you Uniqlo and to Edge and Nina of Dentsu Philippines for a fun afternoon! Also special thank yous to Vanessa and Liza for the offer, and to Pergy for the event photos.

Some parents were there as well, and I got into a short conversation with one about drawing as a hobby AND as a job. We talked about children being talented and/or interested in drawing and art, and I felt rather excited to assure her that some start early, some don’t, but it takes more than natural inclination to make things work and become successful in the field. Mentally referenced to this Yuko Shimizu article.

Productive weekend! The first of many more, as indicated by how the heavens have been so gracious, and my inbox is a happy one with the arrival of the next wave of projects for the year. It’s so very pleasantly surprising and comforting that things like this arrive in the middle of haywire and the blues and when I just want to rot in bed forever.


On a different note.

The other day, I was on my usual way home, and because it was a Friday it was exceptionally hard to flag down a jeepney. So when finally one came by–an EMPTY one at that, like an angel–I managed to scramble in and get a good seat, however squished we all were. Along the way I noticed the people seated in front of me: a family of three. Mom with the handbag, dad with a canister tube of diploma, with the university’s logo patterned all over, and the son, in long sleeves, still wearing his grad medal. At first I thought they were arguing about the ride, but after a while I realized they were discussing grad dinner, and what they had eventually decided on: McDo. He was from my alma mater, which was the cherry on top.

The thing is I know of this reality like how everyone knows of this reality. But it was literally right there in front of me, and it hit me real hard, this little something to put things in perspective. I still think about it, the way I think about Stephen Hawking, a giant in a shell, the way I think about all the other things I take for granted, most probably unknowingly.

Well, well. Three cheers to life and the little things that fill the void.

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