Life After Breakfast Watercolor Swap

A few weeks ago, I attended Life After Breakfast‘s Watercolor Swap, and I honestly wasn’t prepared for how fun the afternoon was! Haha. Because you know, being the not-so-secret fangirl that I am, of course I was giddy the whole afternoon because Pipino was filled with all these talented ladies. Shown above were my tablemates Jamie, Anina, Macy, Angel, and Mansy.

I mean look at this list!
Oops Iori sorry water spill!

There were several watercolor activities for the afternoon. We could paint on the blank postcards about our dream travel destination, make our own watercolored temporary tattoo, stamp on our totebags, or take pretty Instagram photos of the party. The best of each category won prizes like a backpack from Herschel and jewelry from Heyjow.

A closer look at the tattoo I designed (the dancing ladybones) and the Pahiyas-inspired postcard I made. I brought my Talens Angora gouache palette and a Derwent water brush.

Also in the photo above, the tin Herschel mug (which is now my official office mug), and the veggie triangle from Pipino.

We also brought watercolor artworks and prints to give away to our group mates, and had a little show-and-tell to introduce ourselves and our work. Of course I’m that girl who couldn’t stop giggling out of nervousness haha. We also had happy freebies from Alessa and the sponsors AKA my birthday just got early.

It’s also Pipino’s fifth anniversary! Happy cucumberthday! Here’s the yummy menu for the afternoon.

And here are the goodies we got to take home, hooray.

a postcard by Paul Imbong, and washi tape rolls from Hey Kessy

a Herschel grid notebook, plus the tin mug

paper palette, watercolor paper, and a bottle of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolor from Craft Carrot

a pretty notebook from The Lunchbreak Project, plus greeting cards because I won the Early Bird award haha

brush-friendly dish cleaner, and hand sanitizer from Messy Bessy

some of Alessa’s favorite brushes in a nifty leather holder

and the totebag we got to stamp on.

Not shown in the photos are the Pipino Taro Chips and Vegan Bagoong.

And here are the artworks and prints I received!

bird print from Alessa, and mushroom print from Jamie

a creature painting and a postcard from no other than my fellow Speculiars Yas and Iori

illustrated postcards from Wiji, and another typographic one from Abbey

mini watercolored deck of cards from Macy

and paper, print, and notecard bundles from Alexis, Anina, and Val

One of the highlights of the day was meeting Cynthia Bauzon-Arre, who illustrated Fruitcake, one of my favorite books of all time.

This book is really special to me because when I was in highschool I started to really get into the Eraserheads, and so when my friend Stef gave me this book as a present, it kind of blew my mind. An illustrated book about one of my favorite bands’ songs, with a protagonist named Frannie Wei who I really thought looked like me, especially back in highschool. Glasses and a pony tail. I really felt it was my book. It’s such a great honor to finally meet Cynthia. As soon as I saw her name on the participants list, I really made it a point to bring my copy of the book for her to sign.

Thank you again Alessa for having me at the Life After Breakfast Watercolor Swap! Ang saya, woo! :)


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