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monkey bars

Time, age, money, and the things in between. Tonight on the way home, I was planning what’s left of the week + the upcoming weekend, and all the things I need and want to do within the next few days. It’s going to be busy.… Read More

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singing off-key

A few months ago I gave a short, cozy workshop on children’s book illustration at our Peek-A-Book show at the CCP. I am always, always terrified of public speaking, but of course I also didn’t want to turn down this rare opportunity to give this… Read More

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May is Mental Health Awareness month. I don’t talk about my ordeal openly because I honestly still don’t have a complete grasp of it. Every episode feels fresh and the medication can only do so much. Nature-nurture. No matter how many pills I down every… Read More

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talking to strangers

The Sunday Currently, no. 5 It feels very nice to type in complete sentences and whole words, and form and read actual paragraphs. I highly suggest it, citizens of the internet. Reading The Tornado is the World, Catherine Pierce, and John Berger’s The Shape of… Read More