No more nightmares.



I’ll be part of this year’s CANVAS Looking for Juan outdoor banner project. The topic, human rights, is a pertinent matter in our country right now, God help us all.

My fellow Ang INK members and I made pieces specifically about children’s rights. Mine is about the child’s right to rehabilitation.


A peek of my work and the mess. It’s been such a long time since I’ve painted an acrylic piece this big, and there was definitely a strong sense of fulfillment after I finished it and delivered it to the gallery. I enjoyed the process a lot, though, and I hope to learn more about painting bigger pieces in this medium.

The project and exhibits open on June 20. The banners will be installed in around the UP Diliman oval.


View photos from the opening reception of Camouflage and Wanderlust here.


My work, Long Way From Home, is also available to purchase as prints from the Light Grey Art Lab online shop. The original artwork is 9×12 inches, handmade watercolor on cold press paper.


Underwater is the best place to swim.




I’ll be part of Light Grey Art Lab’s Camouflage exhibit, which opens on the 26th. I really wish I could go, because it opens alongside other nature-themed exhibit, and one of my inspirations Kelsey Oseid is going to have a show up! If you’re in the Minneapolis area, or will be during that time, do drop by and take some pictures, then show me~


Keeping myself productive and busy helps a lot with the anxiety. I’ve figured that personally, I feel more at ease at the end of the day when I know I’ve finished something (ANYTHING). As much as I can, I try to accomplish even really small tasks before going to bed. It could be something for work, or other things that aren’t really as urgent like writing a journal entry, mopping the room once, or labeling emails.

I’m also very thankful to be surrounded by supportive and level-headed individuals every day, at work and at home. It really helps me put things in perspective, and keeps me focused.

Sometimes it’s hard not to be affected by the world going haywire. I guess it’s good training for keeping your head above water, and for trying hard to make things better along with the rest of the population despite everything. Some days the silver lining’s there, some days you have to draw it yourself.

Alright, alright, alright

Who do we have here but April? Hello from the end-half of a long weekend.


I had the surprising honor of making the cover for A-HA! Learning Center‘s third zine! And I say surprising because I had seen Jaton’s message super late, but took the chance to volunteer anyway. All the stories had been assigned already but I’m happy I was able to contribute, still, by making the cover.

A-HA! has a writing club to teach their students English, and help them improve their skills by having them write essays and stories. Last month, A-HA! surprised their students and released a special edition of their zine with the kids’ stories interpreted by 16 illustrators.

Download the whole zine here, and check out A-HA!’s Facebook page, too.



Here is a peek of my work for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Guts” exhibit which opens in a few weeks (April 17) in Minneapolis. I wish I could teleport to see the exhibit for myself, but hey if you’re in the area by some chance, do drop by.

My piece is inspired by vintage educational posters, and violins!




In other news, a couple of my new favorite things that are both purple, coincidentally.

So far, this weekend has been rather productive! I finished a painting, and two books (This One Summer, and The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro on audiobook, which I highly recommend because the narration is very good), washed all my sneakers, and gave the cat a bath, all before Saturday night! Sunday night I spent catching up on a couple more deadlines. Save for a few more revisions and things, I think I may be deadline-free for a while! Until something comes up again, yes, but the prospect of 8 hours of sleep during weekdays makes me happy and glad.



OK! Here is one more shot at being committed to making something everyday. I’m still thinking of what exactly to do for this, considering all things realistic and practical. It makes me nervous because 100 days is kind of a long time and I don’t want to disappoint myself if I quit in the middle of things, but I am also curious if I can pull it off this time around. I figured this also might be an effective way to distract me from all the storms in my head.

Join me if you want! Let’s go!



And lastly, here we are again. Save the date!

Speculiars and Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan will be there. Speculiars will also be hosting a little craft-y side event during the fair, wait for it! As for myself, I’m still planning for the new things I’ll be selling, but I’m pretty excited to shop already.

zine attempt

Earlier this month, I made a zine for my partner Jenny, for Light Grey Art Lab’s Make My Holiday! Art Swap. I also sent her prints of some of my drawings, plus my pattern postcard set. I hope the package gets to her as soon as possible and in good condition.

I used my tree parts stamps made out of eraser blocks, a black stamp pad, some cream textured paper for the inside pages and gray board paper for the cover, Dymo labels for the numbers, and the Quirky Align stapler I got myself for Christmas. I’ve been meaning to make a zine out of my stamps for quite some time now but haven’t gotten around to planning for it, so I’m happy I finished this.

I’m easing myself back into work now that Christmas is over. There’s still New Year’s, but I’ve been so restless these past couple of days, especially with the knowledge that I still have a few things to submit asap. I hope I accomplish a lot tomorrow before all the New Year’s eve preparations. I’ll get back to my book and movie backlog after I finish all the things I need to.

On a completely different note, I started Serial this afternoon and I’m halfway through the 12 eps. Rommel has been recommending it for some time now but I only got around to starting it today. I can’t stop listening I need the truth what happened ugh.

Yep so, happy almost 2015!