Underwater is the best place to swim.

I have a few small paintings for sale. These are A6 in size, roughly 4x6in, and are all watercolor works on handmade paper (Khadi paper). Send a message if you’re interested!



I have also added some old and new-ish projects on my portfolio site. The latest one shows the biology posters I made for the Masungi Georeserve. I learned so much from the project, and although I had to work through last year’s holiday season, I enjoyed it very much.

FranAlvarez-Masungi-Birds_posterView more posters and learn more about the project here.


I’ll be part of Light Grey Art Lab’s Camouflage exhibit, which opens on the 26th. I really wish I could go, because it opens alongside other nature-themed exhibit, and one of my inspirations Kelsey Oseid is going to have a show up! If you’re in the Minneapolis area, or will be during that time, do drop by and take some pictures, then show me~

Keeping myself productive and busy helps a lot with the anxiety. I’ve figured that personally, I feel more at ease at the end of the day when I know I’ve finished something (ANYTHING). As much as I can, I try to accomplish even really small tasks before going to bed. It could be something for work, or other things that aren’t really as urgent like writing a journal entry, mopping the room once, or labeling emails.

I’m also very thankful to be surrounded by supportive and level-headed individuals every day, at work and at home. It really helps me put things in perspective, and keeps me focused.

Sometimes it’s hard not to be affected by the world going haywire. I guess it’s good training for keeping your head above water, and for trying hard to make things better along with the rest of the population despite everything. Some days the silver lining’s there, some days you have to draw it yourself.